Ninjutsu and Shingon Buddhism
Ninjutsu is a martial art which has been cultivated for nearly a millenium. Rev. Washo Saito maintains this art as the 16th grand master of Iga Ryu Ninjutsu. Historically, Ninjutsu was taught by warrior monks in the mountains of Japan. There is a strong link between Japanese martial arts and spirituality. Rev. Washo Saito aims to further this connection through his martial arts academy, Shinbukan and Seizanji Temple. For more details on this, please visit our martial arts page, 
On the 19th of November 2014, Socho Soeda Ryusho (Head of Koyasan, Kongobuji, Japan) visited Rev.Washo Saito, Abbot of Koyasan Shingon Mission of Australia Seizanji Temple, and conducted the Grand Opening Ceremony (Hondo Rakkeihoyo) of Koyasan's Premier Australian Temple. 
This visit celebrates the historical link between Koyasan, represented by Rev. Soeda's Rengejoin Sanada Bo (Six Coins Temple, Jonin Sanada Yukimura's Ancestral Temple) and the Iga Ninja Clan, represented by Rev. Saito, also known as Crando Saito, the 16th Grand Master of Iga Ryu Ninjutsu, passed on by the 15th Grand Master, Okuse Heishichiro Soke. Crando Saito's school, known as Shinbukan, uses the historical emblem of Jonin Momochi Sandaiyu Crest (The crest is the Constellation known as the Big Dipper with two arrows crossing). The Grand Opening Ceremony brought both the present day successors of Jonin Sanada Yukimura and Jonin Momochi Sandaiyu together, engraving the historical significance of this occasion. Presently, Iga Ryu Ninjas still acknowledge the origin of Kujikiri (techniques which Ninjas use) derived from Koyasan Ajari. 


2014年11月19日高野山真言宗金剛峯寺総長 添田隆昭氏がシドニー青山寺住職 齋藤和證 本堂落慶式にお導師としてシドニー青山寺へご訪問されました。 
そ してこのご訪問は添田住職蓮華定院真田坊(六文銭 上忍真田幸村の菩提寺)と齋藤住職、伊賀流16代宗家齋藤蔵人氏(15代奥瀬平七郎より伝承)の神武館の家紋伊賀流上忍百地三太夫(七曜星2枚矢羽矢違 い)として知られ両氏の忍術の歴史的なつながりを新たに再認識しました。